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To take for granted without proof; to suppose as a fact.
Never assume variables you modify in a setup file are accurate. Test the accuracy of modified variables by executing the perl script which requires the use of the modified setup file.
Never assume support documentation accurately describes your server, especially where the documentation states REFER TO YOUR SERVER'S MAN PAGE.
A characteristic quality of an element.
In Perl, all characters right of an unquoted # (pound sign) to the end of the line.
Comments in Perl programs are ignored by Perl.
Element of @example containing 'ONE' has been commented out:
@example = (
#	'ONE',
A component of a hierarchical structure.
The first element of an array is zero.
Elements of @example array:
@example = ('Element 0', 'Element 1', 'Element 2');

References to elements of @example array:
$example[0] = Element 0
$example[1] = Element 1
$example[2] = Element 2
The insertion of text derived from a Perl variable.
The value of $example will interpolate into $example[0]:
$example = 'Element 0';

@example = ("$example", 'Element 1', 'Element 2');
@example = ($example, 'Element 1', 'Element 2');

$example[0] = Element 0
hard error
A condition which the WebStore scripts can not recover from.
WebStore generates a hard error message and terminates the script process for non-recoverable file and directory accesses such as incorrect permissions, non-existent setup files, non-existent HTML frame documents, etc.
Charaters with special meaning in the Perl environment.
Perl metacharacters are  \ | ( ) [ { ^ $ * + ? .

$email_link_url = "WebStore\";
@ (at signs) must be backslashed in Perl variables.

$global_page_title = 'Joe\'s Auto Parts';
Imbedded ' (single quotes) must be backslashed in
variables which are delimited with single quotes.
query string
name=value pairs returned to the server resulting from a GET or POST form submission or name=value pairs present in an href anchor after the ? (question mark).
To demand or exact as indispensable; to need.
require $data_directory.'/'.$store;

Include and execute the Perl code found in the file
whose name is given in the string of a Perl require

/Web_store/Databases/outlet.setup is required by all
WebStore script processes.
soft error
A condition which the WebStore scripts can recover from.
With the exception of frames documents, WebStore generates soft error messages for non-existent HTML files, database categories, and secondary forms called in query strings.
WebStore returns the client to the store's front page, displays the appropriate soft error message, and terminates the script process normally.
A character sequence consisting of any combination of alpha, numeric, and special characters.
$example = 'Element 0';

Element 0 is the string assigned to $example
Term used in place of ws400CS.cgi.
Keyboard characters such as carriage return, form feed, line feed, space, tab, or vertical tab which move the cursor but do not print visible information to the monitor.
WS Editor
Term used in place of ws_editor.cgi.
WS Mail
Term used in place of ws_mail.cgi.
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